Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Excel - why use it?

A few family members are trying to be more organized with their finances. This has motivated me to share a few tips on using Excel. I think Excel is one of my very favorite computer programs. I didn't know much about it until taking a statistics class when I was doing my PhD work at BYU. The instructor used Excel as a pedagogical tool - we learned statistics by doing things in Excel. He strongly suggested we all learn the program so I buckled down and spent some time playing around in the program with frequent consultations to the help menu. I think I also bought a book on Excel. Since then I have used it for many many things:
  • finance (0f course)
  • contact information for groups of people
  • my calendar (really!)
  • to do list
  • data I keep for the mission
  • creating nifty charts and graphs
  • and so on and so on
I will post some how to info on Excel very soon.

Here are a few samples of spreadsheets I use:
  1. Mission Schedule
  2. Getting Things Done to do list
  3. Personal Finance Template

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