Sunday, September 30, 2007

Blogging - misc

Here are a few final thoughts on blogging:


You can set up your blog to be available to the public or to only those you invite. The default setting is pubic. I don't mind public (so far) and it is nice for my family and friends to be able to visit without entering a password. If I get some strange comments, that may change. To change permissions click on the 'settings' tab and then 'permissions'.


You may be tempted to skip this but - hyperlinks can be fun. So try one! Suppose you found an exciting website or online picture or recipe that you just had to share with everyone. You can set it up so that your friends just need to click here to see it (click on the word 'here'). I did that by inserting a link. Here is what you do:

Open the website that you want to link and copy the URL address at the top of the window (highlight it and click 'edit' 'copy' or control C)

Go back to your post and edit it (read my last post if you don't know how to edit). Now highlight the text you want to use as a link

Click on the link icon at the top of your window (the green one with a chain link on it - to the right of the T)

A window will appear asking you to paste in the URL

Voila! all is done

Your friends are dazzled with your expertise.

Sharing your blog

Now that you have created the perfect blog, you need to share it. The easiest way is to open your blog, copy the URL address, and then paste it into a grand email announcement.

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